Code of Ethics



A personal manager is engaged in the occupation of advising and counseling talent and personalities in the entertainment industry.

Personal managers have the expertise to find and develop new talent and create opportunities for those artists which they represent. Personal mangers act as liaison between their clients and agents, others in the entertainment industry, and the general public.

Members of the National Conference of Personal Managers (NCOPM) have knowledge of and experience in the many facets of the entertainment field. Members agree to use this specialized knowledge to guide, advance, and promote the careers of clients who retain the manager’s professional services.

For the privilege of membership in the National Conference of Personal Managers, a personal manager agrees to:

  1. Have as a primary occupation the management of entertainers, performing artists, and creative personalities;
  2. Always deal honestly and fairly with clients;
  3. Not derive personal gains at the expense of clients;
  4. Treat relationships with clients in a confidential manner;
  5. Not to encourage or induce an artist to breach an existing personal management contract; not to represent an artist while the artist is under a valid contract to another member in good standing of the National Conference of Personal Managers, except by written agreement with all parties concerned (and, in the event an agreement cannot be reached, the matter must be taken to the NCOPM Arbitration Committee before any other action is taken);
  6. Be proud of the personal management profession and the National Conference of Personal Managers; Not to publicly or privately disparage a fellow member of the National Conference of Personal Managers; In the event of a difference of opinion between any members, refer such matter to the appropriate committee for arbitration; and
  7. To the extent that it does not conflict with the best interest of clients, exchange information wherever possible and advisable with other members of the National Conference of Personal Managers.

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